What Are the Most Reliable Servers in 2020?

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Business people are always looking for the best and most secure servers to use to help them improve their businesses. The good news is that there are companies out there providing users with exactly what they want and that is a good, reliable server that helps protect their information and lessens the chance that their company will become a victim of cyber threats or security hacks.

It seems that the same few companies are winning the most reliable servers each year, but these companies have solid reputations for continually being among the safest and most consistent server experiences for customers.

Going into 2020 the top 3 reliable servers are as follows:


IBM's z Systems Enterprise has again earned the "best in class" for several factors including reliability, accessibility, and security among all server platforms. IBM was also rated one of the top servers for Linux and given the 3rd best rating of any server company for the excellent customer service reviews they were given. Out of all of the participants that answered questions about the IBM hardware, only 1% of customers were unsatisfied with the products. 

IBM also was rated as having the least amount of downtime of any other server that was surveyed, and the z Systems Enterprise is the system that won this category by quite a distance. IBM also took the title of the lowest calculated minutes of downtime per year of their server with just under a minute at 0.96 minutes per year. If you are looking for a server system that can handle workloads, then the IBM z Systems Enterprise is for you. 


Cisco is another internet server that did very well in the annual Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) sweepstakes and was one of the top 3 performing companies in virtually every category on the survey. Cisco had the 2nd most highly rated technical assistance experience of all brands that participated in the ITIC surveys. Cisco also scored high in customer satisfaction with 97% of its customers being satisfied with their services and the products that they produce.


Lenovo rounded out our list of the top 3 most reliable servers going into and received the top spot in the Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) for having the best technical assistance of any server on the market today. Lenovo x86 users also reported the highest reliability of their products out of all servers on the market for that calendar year.

Lenovo also scored high in every category with their hardware as customers labeled it positively including calling it reliable and accessible as well as secure among many other positive traits that get mentioned about the Lenovo products.

What Do Users Look for In Their Server's Hardware?

When customers are rating server hardware, they look for several things including the age of the technology as they state that technology that is more than 3 1/2 years old hurts their business and slows their day-to-day operations drastically. IBM, Cisco, and Lenovo consistently produce newer and more efficient technologies to ensure that their customers are getting the best server technology.

Another key feature of all 3 of these top server companies on the market in 2020 is their quality technical support staff that helps customers when they have issues with their equipment. These companies help customers resolve issues quickly and minimize the financial losses to their company when they have problems with their hardware.

These companies all also have reliable servers that rarely go down and cause their customers to have financial losses from technological fails. These companies keep their servers working at top speed and ensure that they are working no matter what time of day their clients need to access their information. Equally important is that these companies provide technology that works rapidly without sacrificing protection, which ensures that the information does not fall into the hands of those who should not have it.


All of these positive character traits make all 3 of these companies the top servers available on the market in 2020. They protect their customer's information, keep their systems running smoothly at all times, and are ready to help customers when they have issues with their hardware. So, if you are in the market for a new server in 2020, IBM, Cisco, and Lenovo remain your go-to companies for the best product for the price. 



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