Cloud vs in house servers: the facts

cloud vs in-house servers

What is the most important component used to maintain your business? Asking your managers and staff will provide different answers from leadership, to payroll and even HR. However, the most important component is your computer system. Today's business world relies heavily on the internet so it only makes sense to invest heavily in a system that will keep your business running smoothly. When it comes to computer systems, it all boils down to the servers. The right servers will keep your data flowing while the wrong ones will hinder the growth of the business. There are two types of servers that are commonly used in businesses today: cloud servers and in house servers. Each of these has their own pros and cons so it is best not to just pick one over the other without doing some research on both to see which servers will best meet the needs of your business. Below are lists of the pros and cons for both cloud and in house servers.

Cloud servers

Cloud servers store everything online. That means if you have a business based in Dallas, but have offices in Beijing, you will be able to access the same programs at both offices. That makes cloud servers advantageous, however, there are drawbacks to also consider. Here are some pros and cons for using cloud servers.



In house servers

In house servers mean just that. The servers are located on site and are managed from there. Despite easier accessibility to the cloud many small and medium-sized businesses still prefer in house servers. The beauty is that you have complete control over your servers without having to worry about the internet going down. Yet, that is not reason enough to justify utilizing in house servers. There are other factors to consider.



A third alternative

Recently, companies have begun to invest in hybrid servers. Combining the security of in house servers and access to the cloud, these new servers offer the best of both worlds and reduce the negative impacts on your business. Are hybrid servers right for you? That is a question that only you as the business owner can answer.

It all comes down to the right servers

Picking the right servers for your businesses' computer systems is one of the most important decisions to make. There are benefits to both in house and cloud servers as well as drawbacks. If neither servers are appealing then consider hybrid servers which combine the best features of each of the listed servers. Of course, no one can tell you which servers to buy. It comes down to getting the ones that will benefit your business the most.


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